Why coronavirus isn’t reason to delay your move? See all the facts here

Moving to a new house, whether it’s for rent or in your own house, is an event you will surely remember. Amongst the chaos, first of all you think about what you can give up and what not, then you pack and arrange a lot of things, and at last you try to determine how much time you still have, so you know how to organize yourself as well as possible. But what is it like to move during a pandemic, when there are lots of restrictions?

The government has definitely blocked the market, calling for a pause on all deals, except those that are contractually obliged to go ahead and where an agreement can’t be delayed.

If you fall in this category and plan a moving to Alexandria Virginia, for example, then the global pandemic could affect your decision. During the time of uncertainty, you need to anticipate things and act more rationally. Pragmatic decisions are so welcome in this period, much more than impulsive decisions. But, will it be better later or you are just waiting for more troubles to come your way?

So, if you can’t decide whether to move now or leave it for later, here you have 3 facts why coronavirus isn’t a reason to delay your move.

Let’s start:

The real estate market will change, and rental or the purchase of apartments prices might increase

Restrictions imposed by the authorities force consumers to think about their needs, avoiding hasty decisions about budgets and investments. Many areas of activity have felt the consequences of the pandemic and changed pricing policies. In this direction, the real estate market won’t lag behind. Most likely, after the restrictions are postponed, real estate will be sold at higher prices, and rent payments will also increase. It’s paradoxical, especially if you hear about landlords that have become more watchful and more understanding in these difficult times. Well, yes, a lot of poeple are nice and supportive now, but their savings won’t last forever, neither. In the future, they will not forget about the precautions. Some will ask for rent payment for a few months in advance. The reason? It’s simple – just to ensure their rental services. So, it’s the perfect time to look for a local moving company near you and plan you move.

The changing economy in your hometown

 The global coronavirus pandemic has turned the economies of the most developed countries upside down, not to mention the underdeveloped ones. However, each region / city changes its economy depending on the taken protection measures. If the local authorities have restricted certain freedoms and it has affected your activity, then you can move to another city. Do not forget that you must have all the documents in order, namely: exit license for reasons that can not be postponed and the contract of purchase or rental of housing. You can get and sign them online on the platforms of local institutions.

If you’re worried about moving during an pandemic for which you haven’t scheduled movers in Virgiania (if you want to move here), it’s hard to say what will and will not be available in the months to come. For now, continue to look for companies and ask directly what steps are being taken to have a pleasant moving.

Now professional packers and movers have been mobilized to help you move safely

Long distance moving is not a one-day job, especially if you plan to do it on your own. Purchasing boxes, packing everything, labeling boxes, transporting them to the truck and unpacking them can all take more than a week. Do you want it? We don’t think so.

Moving companies are taking this pandemic very seriously. They have set up protocols designed to protect their employees and their customers.

These measures include:

  • Following federal and local guidelines around social distancing and sanitization
  • Wearing masks and gloves
  • Keeping trucks stocked with hand sanitizer
  • Frequently sanitizing trucks and equipment
  • ●      Practicing social distancing with customers and, as much as possible, among moving teams

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